imageI didn’t really feel like it……

i wasn’t feeling all that well, and it was Thursday…..THE DAY OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!  It was also my turn to tell the Bible Story to my fun loving charges, all under two years of age.  The truth of that story was that God uses hard times to make His people strong.  God nudged me as if to say, “you can do this.”

So, do it, I would!!!!!  WHAT A GREAT TIME WE HAD!!!!  All the cutie pies were happy to see my co-leader, Sarah, and me.  I got lots of hugs and kisses that melted my heart, and spurred me on!!!!  I left that church feeling renewed and grateful I obeyed God’s call.

To see and hear these little cherubs dancing, touching God’s word and putting in their hearts is such a precious gift.  And I would have missed it all!

I suppose trusting and obeying God brought me so much joy and renewed my strength to get his work done on another Thursday morning!